Scary Swimming Lessons
Life Lessons

Just Be. Let Go. Jump. (1)

Swim lessons. Hated them. This stranger was telling me to trust him. To jump into the deep end.

12′ of water stood between me and a painful death. I was convinced.

Why should I trust this guy? Who was he? Did he even care if I drowned?

I finally caved to peer pressure – all those eye watching me wondering why I wouldn’t just jump.

If I had to jump, I was going to make sure  that I jumped far enough to be caught.

True story. I only cared a little that he was mad that I landed on top of his face. Actually, what mattered most to me was that I didn’t drown.

Not sure why I’m still laughing out loud. Poor guy. I don’t remember another class after that. Maybe he quit. Who knows.

God is the best instructor and has a specialized plan for each of us… and He won’t get mad if you jump too far or take longer to gather your courage to trust Him.

Father God, thank You for being patient with me and for being the best instructor ever! You won’t yell at me for over-jumping. You are patient when I hesitate, and know what to say to help me take that leap. I trust You! In Jesus’ name.


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