dogwood trio
Life Lessons


I love our church family.

After youth band practice, I stepped out into the sunshine and sighed the biggest happy sigh.

“This is what church family should be.”

This is my home away from Home. Where I’m reminded of truth and encouraged to keep going. A safe place to be myself, to be heard, to be shown grace, to be prayed for. To contribute and to receive. To encourage and be encouraged.

By building community, we recognize that Jesus paid the price for each one of us, making us one in Him.

I have got your back and you’ve got mine. Brothers and sisters, with bonds forged in a brutal spiritual battle. Our scars and stories make us stronger. Together.

Father God, thanks for the power and grace of community. Give us wisdom and unity as we work together to share the Good News and to support one another. Thank You for going before us, for surrounding us in Your care. Heal the hurting who are afraid to try community one more time. Give them hope. 

Let our eyes be full of hope and happiness ¬†because our Jesus is with us. Love powerfully through us as we open our arms to say “Come on in! You are welcome here!” May the way we treat each other be honoring to You and a huge signpost for the world to see true love has come! In Jesus’ name.

Shameless plug: If you’re in the Harrisburg PA area, and don’t have a church family, I highly recommend trying LifePoint Church (


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