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Accident-prone? What? Me? (1)

Some would call me accident-prone or clumsy. It’s been suggested a few times that I should get a bubble wrap suit. While it’s true that I’ve suffered more accidents and injuries than anyone should have to endure, I no longer think something is wrong with me or that I’m clumsy. The two reasons I now challenge the “clumsy” label? My personal investment and increasingly knowing God.

I’ve invested YEARS of hard work, reading, and trying new things to improve balance, strength,  awareness, coordination, reaction time, and overall health. I’m in better health than I was 20 years ago, can catch myself before doing nosedives most of the time, and have less severe injuries when they do happen.


Say “Good-bye!” to that stale, wimpy mindset

  • Daily seek God. Build that relationship and specifically ask Him to guide me to healthier living
  • Practice casting my cares on God daily. Worry ruins everything.
  • The right chiropractor. There are many philosophies and techniques out there. Find one you’ll be comfortable with. If you don’t want to try a chiropractor, consider a massage therapist.
  • The right stretches. Some help me tremendously, while others some pull my hips out of alignment.
  • The right exercise. There are a lot out there to try! Find some exercises you enjoy. Mix it up. Find a friend to walk with.
  • Fabulous friends who accept me as I am and encourage me.
  • Focus on weak spots sometimes. For example, if my knees seem weak, I look for reliable resources to show me how to safely strengthen them. Start small and slow.
  • Goals that inspire me. Keep focused and work toward those goals!
  • Slow down – just a little. I like to get to destinations quickly, but slowing down a little helps me be more aware of the surroundings.
  • View every incident as a learning opportunity. Could I have prevented this? Regardless of whether I could have, I practice trusting God and use the recovery time to invest more into my relationship with God.
  • Trust that God is guiding me on this journey, through every moment.

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” Proverbs 16:9 ESV

So, what do you think? Do any of these sound like something that might help you?

I suppose I need to take time to mention that I’m not a medical professional, am not qualified to give medical advice, and if you need medical attention please seek a doctor. I’m only here to share some things that have helped me.

Tomorrow, I’ll share some ways to …

Reframe your perspective!

Father God, thank You for being right here with me through each injury. I agree with You that I am unique and You have made me wonderfully. Show me if there is anything I can do to lessen the odds of me going through more accidents. Give me wisdom to make wise choices. Do I need to look at changing any of my habits? Protect me from unnecessary accidents and injuries and use everything that happens to me for YOUR glory and for my good. Thanks that You do! In Jesus’ name!

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