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I learned a new technique recently, of applying a dab of acrylic paint to kraft paper, rolling a brayer in the paint repeatedly, and then brayering down the edges of your paper.

It creates a nice collage background, which you can then build upon. Here’s a sample of a background with layered brayed blue before other textures are added.

Sample brayer technique
The kraft paper – the paint palette – after several uses, dried up and surprised me. It has become its own new artwork.

I took some pictures, which I can use for graphic backgrounds. Ultimately, I’ll use the actual paper for a mixed media collage.

made new
There’s yet one more use for this paper… I’m reminded that God has taken my life – one that seemed not to be so useful or helpful – and is showing me a whole new usefulness that He has in mind.

Just like I couldn’t see the new use for the kraft paper until the paint dried, my life needed some time to develop. It took time, the hard work of seeking God and renewing my mind day after day, and lots of praying…  I hope this encourages you as you wait for your paint to dry.

Mine’s still drying.




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