Encourage, Life Lessons, Tidbits & Tips for Daily Life


I tend to hold my breath as I anticipate a significant event or wait for a breakthrough I just know is around the corner. 

Maybe you do, too.

While I know it’s not a good habit, I seldom realize I’m doing it until the breakthrough or event has come. 

Here are the tools I’ve been infusing into daily living, no matter how calm or tense life may seem. Making these habits has helped me keep going just a little further before having a dreaded meltdown (tell me you don’t have them, too) or snapping at someone else. 

Care for the physical and mental:

  • Speak truth, reading Bible verses and reframing old perspectives into new ones. 
  • Deep slow breaths a couple times during the day (in for 10, hold for 2 & release for 10). It gets oxygen to your diaphragm and reminds me that breathing is good. 
  • Sometimes enjoy a treat. We all know to eat better. Some seasons require a few more treats than typical for some of us. (Giggle) 
  • Get fresh air!

Intentionally search for beauty, for God’s goodness: 

  • Look for green – or any color.
  • Take a step closer to see the details. Look for intricate ways God has provided in your life before. What resource did He provide at just the right time? Watch for evidence in nature of God’s provision for animals and plants. Details are evidence of His care. 
  • Take a step back and look at the bigger picture – of God’s overarching story. He has a plan and is in control. 
  • Sip that cup of coffee or tea slower.
  • Catch up with someone you’ve not crossed paths with recently.
  • Remember God’s faithfulness

May God help us all learn to breathe a little better as we learn to believe He is with us and capable of holding us together.


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