Encourage, Ponderings

the breakthrough

Been waiting a long time, Lord. But, this… THIS is the assignment You are giving me? 

It’s just not possible. It’s too big. I’m not qualified. I don’t know enough. I don’t have enough energy. I don’t have enough time. I don’t have enough… I’m… not enough..

But, God, I know deep down… You are enough. You have enough. 

So, instead of excuses, I offer a whole lot of thanks. 

Thanks for promising to be with and for me. Thanks that I’m not the one on display. You are. You are the One who gets all the glory, because I certainly cannot do the future without You showing up. 

Thanks for turning a lifetime of heartache, tears, pain, betrayal, and brokenness into an adventurous, useful, and abundant life. Thank You for creating NEW, and for astonishing me over and over and over again. You are a good, powerful, and capable God. You give strength and resources. You do what man says cannot be done. You create a lasting overflow through us, even though we only have little fish and bread to offer. Have Your way in me, for You alone deserve all glory, honor, and praise.


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