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Take a break 

Sometimes you just gotta take a break from whatever normal is for you. Go do something you love to do, but seldom make time to do. 

Today was that kind of day. Four plant pots have waited patiently for me to spray paint them. I forgot them when I painted my other pots. Today was their day! 

But first… I had to learn how to use a respiratory mask. 

It’s never THAT easy to get to what you want to do, is it? 

The last few times I’ve used smelly glues or paints, I’ve gotten sinus infections. Yuck-o! Lesson learned and mask purchased! At least the mask’s filters are pink. 

Yes, today was the day! The pots are painted, the bare-minimum house cleaning is done, I got some fresh air (before & after painting), and our benches are washed off so guests can enjoy our backyard with us. Yay! Now I’d better get back to my normal fast, because guests are coming! 

Did I mention my jeans are soaked (the shorts are in the wash)? 

Some tips for spray painting:

  • Work outside with little to no breeze. Be aware which way the wind is blowing, and be careful of nearby items that you don’t want to accidentally spray (like a car or house). 
  • Invest in a respirator mask. The instructions are intense, but they are easy to use and could save you from sinus infections. Don’t try to blow the bugs off your face while wearing a mask. That doesn’t work. Haha! 
  • Goggles are good. Don’t be like me and forget until you’ve started painting! 
  • Protect your hands before you start with a thin coat of lotion. Makes cleanup easier! Washing with gojo usually works. If you need extra help, a mix of white sugar and olive oil should do the trick. I keep a jar of this under my sink and use it a few times a year. Follow up with dish soap.
  • Think a step ahead: will you need to flip or rotate the item you’re painting? Do you have multiple items & can they be painted at the same time? Where will they dry? What’s the weather like in 2 hours? 
  • Trust the paint instructions: give ample drying time between coats.
  • When spraying, evenly move back & forth, not staying in any one place too long. Unless you want your paint to run. Practice first if you’re new to this fun activity! 
  • Enjoy yourself!! 

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