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Evidence of Living

Herbs… ahhhh… the sweet aroma, the different colors and textures… This year I am multiplying herbs by cutting a piece from the plant and placing in water to develop a new root system. Today’s picture shows the first root! [Read herb cutting tips here]

These new roots reminded me of a recent tedTalk transcript, suggesting taking on something new for 30 days – and continuing to do so as a way of life. I remember thinking that was a great idea – followed by the happy realization that I’m already living that way – and it didn’t happen by accident.

Hard work and tough choices have paid off, and I am enjoying the rewards! 

Timothy Ferriss is to blame. Totally kidding. He was a part of the transition, for which I’m grateful. The 4-Hour Work Week challenged me to reconsider what my life should look like – in a way only a handful of books or authors have. It’s a quick and potent read if you’re ready for change or a challenge to your perspective of what a work week HAS to look like.

Around the time that I read Ferriss’ book, God had been challenging me to painfully declutter every area of life. Much later, I realized that all of the margin created through that process was necessary to allow for significant healing in several areas of life. It was worth it.

Had I not chosen to do things God’s way, as hard as it was, I’m not sure I would be in this good place of “today.” My relationships would not be healthy and my heart wouldn’t be happy.

Simple life. Out of the box. In God’s timing.

My calendar is filled in a lot more these days, but margin is still carefully woven into each week. However, the biggest contributor to the “evidence of living” has been those roots

Like herbs that have gotten older, the old way of thinking and doing life was too woody. Some perspectives, habits, and relationships needed to have cuttings taken (so to speak).

I needed to step away for a time from what I thought I should be doing, to allow healthy new roots time to grow. All of those choices to go deep with God – to ask and trust Him to show me how to live the life HE set for ME to live – have paid off.

May I encourage you today, to make time to evaluate where your current lifestyle and choices are leading you? Ask God to guide you in your habits, your perspectives, your routines. Ask Him if there is anything you need to weed out. Consider whether it’s time to start new roots or time to stay in the soil allowing fragrant leaves to grow.

Your life matters, and you can bring goodness into the world by making sure your root system is healthy and strong.

Go be the best version of you!

“The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.” – Jesus in John 10:10, NLT 


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