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Herb Cutting Tips

If you’ve ever considered starting a garden, I suggest starting with herbs. They are forgiving, bug-resistant, spread well, and can be multiplied by taking cuttings.

So far, I’ve had success with mints, balms, rosemary, and basil. I’m also attempting sage and lemon verbena. Looks promising!

  • The best season to do this? I’m not an expert, but I’ve had success doing this in Zone 7 from late Spring through early Fall. I avoid high temps. Lighting is more important than the temperature, as I’ve had cuttings in high air conditioning as well as on a back porch.

You’ll need:

  • Clean, sharp scissors or straight-edge knife
  • Glass container (an old jar works)
  • Water
  • Place that allows lots of indirect light
  • Cuttings (read below)

Here’s how (super easy!!!):

  1. Choose a non-flowering stem that is 2-4″ long. If the stem is too long, the plant may be too mature.
  2. Carefully cut – without tearing or pinching.
  3. Cut leaves off the bottom part of the stem, so that leaves are not in the water in the next step. You may notice that roots tend to grow where cuts have been made – just like our brokenness in God’s hands leads to new growth!
  4. Put into a jar filled with enough water to cover the areas where leaves were removed, while keeping leaves dry.
  5. Change water daily to avoid bacteria.

Roots come in at different rates for diffferent herbs. May take 2 weeks.

Let lots of roots develop before planting in a pot with potting soil. I’ve not planted herb cuttings straight into the ground, so I cannot vouch for that. Have fun growing new roots!!! 


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