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Tones of humility & grace mingled with truth & wisdom accomplishes much more than loud, harsh, hate-filled, fear-driven manipulation. #truthandgrace #graceandtruth #justanobservation

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At a recent youth retreat, we played a game called battleship. We found ourselves running across a gym, from "quarter-ship" to "half-ship", and then suddenly sprinting back to "main deck". It involved a lot of running, sometimes stopping on a dime or making quick u-turns - while showing good sportsmanship (no pun intended). Real life… Continue reading U-turns

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Writing Sparks

I know myself well enough to know that sometimes I get a sudden urge to write and I need inspiration to get started. Those sparks files bring other ideas or challenge me to remember what was so important that I'd write it down... Sometimes, patterns emerge and I'll realize that God's been teaching me something through those "sparks."  Those are delightful moments for me, as it's as if God's invited me into a secret time with Him... to learn...